Industrial Strainers

Whether standard, custom or different flow rates. offers a perfect filtration solution for your systems.
We are the manufacturer of a wide range of industrial Strainers such as :
Perforated sheet with mesh rafeeq filtration systems (2)
Perforated sheet
Perforated sheet with mesh rafeeq filtration systems (2)
Wire mesh with supported Perforated sheet


The straining elements are generally made from a wire mesh type screen material or a perforation in sheet metal.

Industrial strainers  also called as PIPE LINE STRAINERS.

In some cases, depending on size and pressure rating, a mesh unit may additionally include a perforation. Using a perforated material in conjunction with a mesh, may be best in providing greater strength and stability to the straining element.

Material used is in 304/316 stainless steel or mild steel on request.


Type of Industrial Strainers

S.S strainers

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S.S Basket strainers

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Slanted Strainer

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s.s conical strainer

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s.s candle strainer

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“Widespread list of options are available at Rafeeq Filtration Systems as we manufacture as per your request or sample and different types of Basket strainers that come in different diameters, lengths, perforation and mesh can be done from small to large quantities.”


Industrial strainers play an important role in many applications.
Some of the main industries includes:
Food Processing :

The various plants that produce juice from around the globe need to offer clients top quality products. Such plants go for the most appropriate strainers.

Power plant.

This industry requires efficient and effective filtration mechanisms to filter water. Filtration of seal water to increase the service life of the turbine shaft rotary seals in hydropower stations.

Oil and gas industry.

Filtration of injection water. Filtration of cooling and service water. Filtration of flushing water.


Filtration of water for sprinkling the shield and cutting machines. Treatment of cooling water for mine ventilation.


Large farms require the industrial strainers in the exercise of turning on the hose to water plants. Incoming water gets pulled strongly from the rocks, sand and other foreign particles. To protect the pump from damage strainers required.

Petrochemical industry

Hydraulic oil filter are also playing very important roles in the petrochemical processing industry as they are specially installed just after the pump. The petrochemical processing plants have fragile and sensitive components, instrumentation and parts like valve,meters,gauges etc., Therefore, using pipeline Strainers provides adequate protection for such equipment.

Steel Industry:

Filtration of the process water to protect the nozzles and pumps in high pressure descaling.

Paper Industry:

Protection of all types of nozzles on paper machines. Treatment of fresh water to be used for cooling, seal water filtration for vacuum pumps.

water/waste water conditioning:

Protective filter before membrane systems. Conditioning of service water in sewage treatment plants.

chemical industry:

Cooling water and waste water filtration . Filtration of wide variety of chemicals

plastic industry :

Polymer melt filtration. Cooling water and waste water filtration .

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