Grease filling filter for lubrication systems

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Product Description:

Grease filling filter for lubrication systems installed as an inline component in the reservoir’s fill line, the filling filter helps to ensure that clean grease enters the reservoir and the system.

As grease enters through the inlet, it passes through the filter and then exits into a hose that is connected to the grease reservoir’s fill port.

 As the filter element becomes clogged, the unit’s clogged-indicator pin starts to retract, signaling that filter element cleaning is required. If the clogged filter element is not cleaned, grease will vent safely to a catch container

The filter’s compact size makes remote mounting from the reservoir possible.but will not bypass to the reservoir.

grease reservoir filling filter is suitable for off-road construction, small mining equipment, general industry, wind energy, over-the-road trucking, construction and agricultural applications.



Product Name

Grease filling filter.



Filter Type





S.S 304/316 ,mild steel, g.i etc.

Fiter media

S.S wire mesh supported with perfoated sheet.

Mesh type

plain weave , twill weave, dutch weave etc.


Single layer/double layer/multi-layer.

Diameter of the filter

as per requirement.

Filtration Rating​

5 to 5000 micron


Standard or ( As per requirement).

Surface treatment

Mirror polishing or Galvanized etc

Usage Type

grease filtration for lubrication systems.


grease filling Filter Tube play an important role in many applications.
Grease reservoir filling filter is suitable for off-road construction, small mining equipment, petroleum,general industry, wind energy, over-the-road trucking, construction and agricultural applications.

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