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Extruder Screen Pack:

Extruder screens are an imperative part of the melt filtration process. It is used in plastic and rubber processing machinery to ensure a clean and viable extrusion. Our wire cloth screen for extruder filtration available in various materials, weaves all with a wide spectrum of micron ratings to suit different filter use. 

Extruder Screens Packs  Also called Polymer Filter or Melt Filter Screen or Spin Packs.

A polymer material needs to be formed into the desired shape. This is true whether it’s being used to produce bags, bottles, flat-screen TVs, clothing, or automotive components.  The material generally starts in pellet form. Those small pieces need to be run through some sort of manufacturing operation or they need to be extruded into a desired state.  

The material needs to be processed through melt and filtration operations to be sure the material is clean and pure. This is where a melting system with extrusion screens comes in.

Extruder screens are either single-layer or multi-layer wire filtration systems that are welded together and made into specific shapes and sizes. 

The melted material is forced through a wire mesh screen in order to remove any contaminants before continuing on to the next process. Different layer configurations and micron ratings (mesh opening sizes) can be used depending on the level of decontamination required, pressure requirements, or characteristics of the material being filtered.

These screens are changed out frequently during a filtration process, and typically are not able to be cleaned or reused. 

Extruder screens are a key part of any polymer or plastics extrusion process. 




  • To filter out contaminants and improve mixing and product purity, reduce your maintenance and repair costs.
  • With smooth screening surface with no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles.
  • High quality and filtration capacity.
  • Highly durable with robust structure.
  • Optimum cost-performance ratio.
  • Withstand high temperature.
  • Anti-abrasive & anti-corrosive in nature.
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