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We are the manufacturer of a wide range of industrial Air Filers such as :


Air filters are an important part of most industrial processes, as they remove dust,dirt and other particles from the air. Most air filters consist of a mesh that catches the particles when air is forced through.

If the air must be protected from gases and odors as well as  particles, a high efficiency particulate air filter is used.

Types of Air filters such as :

  • Pleated dust collection cartridge.
  • Pleated dust collection bag
  • compressed air filter
  • INTAKE air
  • HEPA filter.


Dust Collector filters are a cylindrical style cartridge filter, designed to improve working conditions and reduce your impact on the environment by trapping wood dust, metal, powders, and other particles.

  • Standard construction consists of expanded metal inner and outer cores that surround a flame retardant cellulose filter media.
  • . The top metal end cap is closed with a bolt hole, while the bottom end cap is open with a gasket.
  • Pleated medias increase the filter area. This provides low pressure drop and high particle-holding capacity.



AIR FILTERS/DUST COLLECTOR play an important role in many applications.
AIR FILTER/DUST COLLECTOR improve working conditions and reduce environmental impact by removing airborne particles.
They operate well in environments compromised with an abundance of wood, metal, cement, powders, or other dust particles.
Dust collector filters are often found in dust collection systems in wood shops, paint shops, powder coating facilities, and laser cutting applications.

It is important to frequently replace dust collector filters to reduce dust particles from the workplace – creating a healthy and safe environment!

Coalescer / Compressed Air Filters

Coalescer / Compressed Air Filters

Working principle: 

Coalescing filter cartridges are especially designed for moisture, oil & particulate removal from air and gases.

The cartridge has stainless steel shell and support components. Stainless steel outer core supports the filter media since the flow differential pressure is from inside to outside. The cartridge is made from HEPA filter media which in gas service will remove better than 0.3 micron particles. H.E.P.A filter media is supported by s.s wire mesh to take care of high pressure differentials.


  1. Compressed air or gas enters the inner core of the cartridge & flows outward through the extended area filter media & perforated metal casing.
  2. Airborne droplets are coalesced by the filter media & subsequently concentrated on the outer surface.
  3. Gravity forces the coalesced liquid to the bottom of the filter housing where it can be drained easily.
  4. The air or gas stream continues on virtually free of oil, moisture and particulates.


Although the cartridges will remove particulate, it is recommended that a particle filter be installed upstream of the coalescing filter, operating in the standard outside to inflow configuration .This will significantly extend the life & improve the removal efficiency of the moisture – oil removal coalescer filter cartridge.



Coalescer cartridges are used primarily to coalesce emulsified water and remove particles from hydrocarbon fluids. Major applications are;

  • All types of other fuels Process streams in refineries and petrochemical plants
  • Condensate streams where natural gas is produced
  • As pre-filter for compressed air & gas dryers.
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Turbine oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Power generation
  • Chemicals, resins and solvents
  • Final filter for air operated instruments, Paint spray equipment.
  • Others applications requiring oil and liquid free compressed natural gas or air.

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